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Bad day

Bad day

While studio lights and portable strobes give the photographer full control over lighting, sometimes available light does the job just fine. Porsche wanted an image of her crying, and by a curious coincidence, I’d ordered liquid tears makeup because I’d been planning a similar shot with her in mind.

My studio is located in an old church in Southern New Jersey. When you enter the building from the side, there’s a stairway to the second floor which has a small landing and good sized window off to the side. Porsche thought the poor condition of the landing would help make the image even more lonely and sad and she was right.

All the light for this image is coming from the window to Porsche’s right with some light bouncing off the wall beside her to fill in the shadows. No artificial or supplemental lighting was used. It’s a simple but powerful shot thanks to great lighting, a beautiful model and a little makeup.

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