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Ooh, the colors!

Ooh, the colors!

To all visitors, welcome to my new blog. It’s mainly about my photography and creative process, but I reserve the right to go off on the occasional tangent. Please feel to post comments or questions. I’ll try to respond if I can.

I was in the studio yesterday with one of my favorite models. She’s not comfortable with her photo being on the web, so this is the only image I’m posting from the shoot. I’ve played with the concept of drizzling finger and face paints on the naked body before with excellent results and will be working with this technique again since I’ve had several models ask me to do similar shots for them. 

Lighting consisted of an Alien Bees B1600 fired through a Photek Softlighter II (the big one) plus an Alien Bees B400 and Medialight both bounced off the white ceiling in my studio.

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