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The nation's attic.

The nation's attic.

Headed off to the National Mall and a variety of shooting locations today starting with the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (“The Wall”) and then various museums and the National Sculpture Garden. We were so early, nothing was open but the Smithson Castle where we grabbed some coffee and breakfast and then I decided to grab some shots of the display in the main hall.

I’m working mainly with Lens Baby gear today since I’m doing reviews on several of the company’s products and wanted to put them to the test this trip. The shot with this post was done with a Lens Baby Composer and the company’s Super Wide Angle Lens. This lens is a lot of fun to shoot with, but also a bit tricky since you can’t shift the Composer much without getting the edge of lens in the shot. 

Shooting with the Canon 40D I bought last week and getting to test the camera at a higher ISO setting for a change. The image above was shot at 400 ISO at 1/15 of a second with the f4 aperture in the Composer. Handholding a camera at such a slow shutter speed isn’t easy. If you’re not up on the technique, you should check out the article I’m writing for BrightHub on avoiding blurry pictures. It will be out early next month. 

If you want to know more about this optic, check my BrightHub page for my review, which will be out in a month or so. You’re welcome to post any questions you might have.


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