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My article on the Lens Baby wide angle and telephoto lens kit has been posted at Here’s the link:

I really liked these lenses and am quite pleased with the images I was able to create with them. Next month I plan on reviewing the company’s extreme wide angle lens, which is also a pretty cool optic.

Elephant at Museum of Natural History entrance

Elephant at Museum of Natural History entrance

This photo of the giant elephant in the main entryway to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History was made with the Lens Baby Composer and the extreme wide angle attachment.


  1. Nice picture, I have not tried out lens babys but I have been watching for reviews. I hoping to pick one up and try on some of my lankscape photography

    • Hi Dennis,

      thanks for your comment. My wife and I actually end up fighting over who gets to use the Lens Baby sometimes. It’s a pretty nice tool once you get the hang of it. I have no trouble recommending it.

      You have a great web site btw. Love the lighting photo in particular. I lived in Sierra Vista in 2005 when I worked as the editor of the Fort Huachuca Scout. I don’t miss the Army, but boy I miss Arizona.

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