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Letting sleeping cats lie

Letting sleeping cats lie

Sometimes you just have to shoot them. Our youngest cat “Baxter” is extremely hard working. Sometimes he even gets up. Lately he’s been taking to enjoying the comforts of the living room couch and the throw pillow we leave on the center cushion.

I was headed off to school when I gave in to the urge to grab a quick photo or two of him hard at work (his main job is being cute). Canon 40D, Sigma 28-300 lens wide open at f4.5 at 80 mm ISO 400, 580 ex flash bounced off ceiling with built in white card extended.

The light’s decent for a grab shot with flash. Having cathedral ceilings with white walls helped produce a nice, diffuse light and the white card kicked some light forward too. Getting an extra f-stop of light from setting the ISO to 400 extended the reach of the flash too. One of these days I’m going to bring that cat into the studio and pose him with Porsche, my favorite model (she’s the one crying in my first post on this blog). They should make an interesting pair.

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