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Lonely girl

Lonely girl

I was in the studio with Lindsey today. She’s another terrific and versatile model. While we didn’t work on it during today’s shoot, one of her great strengths is that Lindsey is very comfortable being silly, a rare talent. 

We sometimes joke about models who only have one expression — the “gas face” — as we call it. You know the look, mouth half open, staring intensely into the camera. It’s supposed to be sexy, but usually isn’t. 

Today was kind of a winging it sort of day. We didn’t have any kind of plan in mind at the start of the session, so I ran some ideas by Lindsey. One of these was for a body painting I’d wanted to do earlier in the week with a new model I’d scheduled for Tuesday night. She unfortunately flaked on the shoot, and so I offered the painting to Lindsey who loved the idea. 

Lindsey and I have collaborated on several body paintings before, usually full body paintings, which make some kind of social commentary. This time I was just painting her back and rear end and going for more of an artistic design. Once that painting was done, we cleaned her up and posed several other shots including this one in the stairwell of my studio building. The window light, color and texture of this stairwell corner make for beautiful images. Lighting, just like in the photo of Porsche crying, was just simple window light plus a little bounce off the side wall. The shot was handheld at ISO 400, 1/45th of a second at f4.

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