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A work of art

A work of art

Porsche and I got into the studio on Friday for the beginning of a long term mixed media project. While I’ll update this site on our progress, I’m keeping the nature of the project under wraps. You can try and figure out what we’re up do from my occasional update.

This shoot involved a concept I’ve used before, a beautiful model posed kneeling on mylar with paint drizzled on her body. The model then paints herself. 

Normally I choose the colors and distributions for these images, but since this is a much bigger project than usual, I wanted to get Porsche more involved in it (as an equal partner rather than just a subject of the photography). So for this image, I asked her to come up with a color scheme and ideas for how much of each color we should use. Her choices were red for anger, blue for sadness and yellow for happiness and she determined how much of each paint I drizzled on her. It was then up to her to move the paint around her body and create the final pattern. The combination of bright colors, dark background, reflective surface and engaging model combine to produce a compelling image.

Some comments on the technical side. This was a fairly simple lighting setup. I used an Alien Bees B1600 shot through a Photek Softlighter II (the big one) and used a pair of strobes bounced off my studio’s white ceiling for fill. Camera details were: Canon 40D, Sigma 28-300 lens, ISO 200, S/S 1/250 F13. One other thing to note, the mylar kicks a fair amount of light back up into shadow areas producing a nice, even exposure.

I chose not to use a background light because I wanted the effect of Porsche coming out of the darkness. Using a background light would have provided separation between her and the background. Was that the right decision? Well, I’m happy with the image, but you’re welcome to disagree with the choice.

I’ve only posted this image to my pbase galleries so far and my port, but I will be adding some others when I get the time. It’s been a busy couple of days and I’ve have some catching up to do as far as editing images from this shoot plus another shoot I did yesterday, plus I have some studying to do too.

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