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Amanda sees the light

Amanda sees the light

I talked about dragging the shutter in an earlier post. Now I’m going to talk about building on the technique by adding a carefully controlled light with a colored gel to make even more of the shot. 

Once again, my studio’s stained glass windows came into play, but this time the main light was powered way down and fitted with a snoot instead of the Softlighter II. I used a yellow gel to add to the glow coming from the stained glass windows and gently light Amanda (another wonderful model I get to work with from time to time).

The trick on this type of shot is to reduce the amount of light from the strobe so it doesn’t overpower the ambient light shining through the window coupled with a slow shutter speed (ISO 200 1/8 second, f16, 28mm focal length, Sigma 28-300 ).

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