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Zowi with flash

Zowi with flash

Zowi available light

Zowi available light

Worked with a new model today — Zowi.

Nice girl from Lancaster, Pa., who posed beautifully and took direction well.

I worked on a variety of shots with her today including figure study images in the studio and then experimenting with ambient light and off camera flash in the stairwell outside the studio (same location as the crying shot with Porsche). There are plusses and minuses to each image. While I like the mood created by the ambient light better, the slow shutter speed necessary for a good exposure resulted in a little ghosting with her left foot and a slightly softer image (ISO 800 1/30 f4 28mm focal length). The flash photo (made with a Canon 580 EXII on a flash stand to the model’s left) provides a sharper image and greater depth of field and produces a more dramatic lighting effect, that is also a little harsh. This light is a little hard for a thin model like Zowi (ISO 400, 1/60 f13 41mm focal length).

Which is the better photo? I like the ambient light shot a little better. The light is softer and more flattering to Zowi, and I can live with the image being a little bit soft.

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