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Worked with Zowi on Monday for the first time. This nice young lady was a responsive and versatile model and we worked on a variety of shots (including illustrations for a couple of my Brighthub reviews).

I’ve already discussed the flash versus ambient considerations in an earlier post on this site, so this time will cover some figure lighting images we made. You can see a larger selection at my pbase site at:



This shot was entirely about controlling light shape and direction. I used a single Alien Bees B400 strobe on a boom arm to direct the light downward and at an angle to Zowi. To keep the spread narrow, I used a snoot on the light and positioned it fairly close to the model. Because she’s on a black background and there’s very little light spilling in any direction, very little of Zowi is shown to the camera.

While this is a nice shot in its own right, it’s also a building block for an image I’m planning with another model later this week. (You’ll have to wait until the image is created and posted to see what the idea is.)

The process often works this way. You work on learning a technique for controlling the light and then look to adapt it to more complicated images. I did another shot with Zowi under this light that is providing a starting point for a different concept (a kind of “Old Hollywood” glamour shot where it looks like the model is illuminated by a spotlight. I’m doing a shoot for this idea on Saturday with my wife. If things work out, I may do something similar with Porsche some time in the future.

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