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Lisa on couch grayscale IMG_3129Brought the “Old Battle Axe” into the studio yesterday to do a Hollywood glamour style shoot. This is a new style I’m experimenting with (I get the occasional request for this look) and I’m still working on it. This was a two-light setup using an Alien Bees B400 at 1/2 power snooted  head on and an Alien Bees B1600 with Softlighter II (the big one) off to the camera’s right at 1/4 power to provide some fill. Camera settings were: Canon EOS 40D, ISO 200 1/250th, f16, 28m focal length. While this shot was made with studio lights, it’s not that hard to do something similar with a portable shoe mount strobe, although getting the strobe off camera is necessary for best results. I’ll write about this technique tomorrow.

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