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Back from NYC (can you say EXPENSIVE!!!!) and Photo Plus. Here are some impressions:

Small continuous LED lights are being pushed as a new light source for still photography. This does make some sense when you consider that the newest crop of DSLRs includes models that offer high quality video capabilities. These LED continuous lights are small, light and powerful and can be used for both still and video photography. An added bonus is that the photographer can judge the light rather than trying to visualize it, a boon for  novice photographers. I’m trying to get my hands on one or two of these for review purposes and will keep you posted on how that goes.

Another big area of interest at PhotoPlus was output. All sorts of vendors were displaying some form of Photobook offering. Some were typical online efforts, while others offered some way for the amateur photog to create their own books or higher end products designed for wedding photographers.

Light modifiers of all types were also in abundance. This isn’t all that new though. This category has been big for years now as photo enthusiasts have learned the value of improved lighting. Still, every year somebody’s coming out with some kind of creative new option to modifying light.

Over the next few months check out my Brighthub articles to see reviews of many new products.

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