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I’m currently on a train headed to Miami. One of the really cool things about this trip is using my iPhone as part of the traveling process. For instance, I had tethering activated before we left so I could use the iPhone as a mobile hotspot giving me internet access for the trip. Another really cool thing I’m using it for is keeping a record of this trip.

I posted earlier about the Travel Journal app and am using it again to keep a journal of this vacation. One of the really fun things about it is setting it to map view so I can see where we are at any given time during the trip. It also keeps a record of the route we take so we can retrace our steps any time we want. This is a pretty neat feature that can be very useful for photographers. How many times do you find a great shooting location and then have to worry about finding it again. With tools such as the iPhone and apps such as TravelJournal, it’s now a lot easier to keep track of such things.

And while this app is designed for travelers, there’s no reason why photographers can’t adapt it to their needs. Use it as a notebook for shoots that includes snapshots of signs, shooting spots and other useful records.

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