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Came home from a trip to Philly to find a package on the front stoop. It was my long awaited Olympus OM-D E-M5. Rushing it inside the first thing I did after unpacking it was to plug in the battery. After that I started to look over my new acquisition and start assembling the various components (camera, lens, power grip, accessory flash). While I couldn’t play with my new toy yet, I could at least start photographing it for the user guide I’m writing.

I’m a bit surprised at just how small this camera is even with the full battery grip attached. My second glance reminded me of just how much it looked like an OM system Olympus camera. As small as this camera is though, it feels good in my hands. I’m not sure I’d be as happy with it if I didn’t have the battery grip, but with it, I still feel like I’m shooting with a real camera. It’s definitely solid and reassuringly heavy.

Once the battery finally finished charging, I was able to play with the camera a little. It has a nice feel, autofocus seems crisp and accurate and the automatic switch from OLED screen to EVF is reliable, if not always quick. These are my first impressions. I’ll try to add to this as I go along.